Proper Leather Care: A Quick Guide

4Every year there are dozens of new leather cleaners and conditions coming out that makes selecting the best one harder, but experts say you should actually stick to the brand you’ve been used to. But if the new brands are really intriguing you, then give it the test by swabbing some of the liquid on unseen portions and wait for the result – there should be zero changing in color.


Conditioners and wax are similarly moist so the process of applying it on a leather sofa for example is much the same as smoothing it on a car surface.


So here are the simple steps to follow:


Prepare a rag that is well-washed but dry for the leather conditioner.


Polish the rag with leather cleaner conditioner on the leather and make sure it is done in circular movements. Leave the conditioner on the leather for at least 10 minutes just to give it time to absorb the substance inside. After the application comes the polishing and this can be done with the use of another dry cloth and repeat the strokes mentioned earlier. Do not gloss the entire leather sofa but rather polish one area at a time with short movements this way it becomes shinier. Leather conditioners are not only softeners but the good news is they can also take out marks that have been left on the surface for a long period of time. They will make your lather sofa look like brand new because of the shiny new look it will provide.


If in any case you don’t have a conditioner with you did you know that the basic baby oil can be an alternative? Once you try it you will see that it works, although many still do not see it as suitable. But you should bear in mind that when putting baby oil, a few drops is just needed and so do not make the mistake of putting too much because it may actually harm your leather sofa. Find out related posts about leather at


We want a comfy couch not a slimy one so keep in mind to be extra careful with baby oil.


As you test the baby oil, refer to the instructions for the neatsfoot oil leather conditioner application because it will go through a similar procedure. If you feel it to be too greasy, wipe with a clean cloth immediately. If this is practiced and done at a regular time then you will have a strong and healthy leather couch that you can use longer. Practicing this twice a week if you can will give leather a good condition, a good look and a good sitting for you.




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